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everytime i get some ground | gotta turn myself around

Riku Skymning
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"will you take the road to light... or the road to darkness?"
"neither. i'm taking the middle road."
"you mean the twilit road to nightfall?"
"no. the road to dawn."
riku skymning.
october 31st.
sole maintainer of skymning inc., one of the largest companies known.
goalie, at the national level.
silver hair.
sea-green eyes.
bffs | demyx, rikku.
residence | skymning family mansion.
So sorry for the person I became.
So sorry that it took so long for me to change.
I'm ready to be sure I never become that way again,
'cause who I am hates who I've been.
Who I am hates who I've been.